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X:2 T:Paddy O'Snap. M:9/8 L:1/8 B:Complete Tutor Violin (c. 1815) Z:Dr. Evan Jones [Ed.] K:D f2 d {e}dcd fed | g2 e efd cBA | f2 d {e}dcd fed | efg ABc d3 :|| {A}a2 A ABG FAd | B2 e efe efg |{A}a2 A ABG FAd | efg ABc d3 | {A}a2 A ABG FAd | B2 e efd efg | a2 A ABG FAd | efg ABc d3 |]

PADDY O'SNAP (Paidin Ua Snaip). AKA - "Paddy Snap." AKA and see "Quick We have but a Second." Irish, Slip Jig (9/8 time). D Major (Kennedy, O'Neill, Riley): C Major (Hardings): B Flat Major (Kerr). Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The earliest reference to "Paddy O'Snap" is as a song in The Five Lovers, a comic opera by Tom Cooke [1] (1782-1848) staged in Dublin in 1806, where it was sung by "Mr. Lee." Cooke was a composer, conductor, singer, theater musician, and music director who worked primarily in London, but whether he composed the melody is unknown, although he is credited with composing the opera (he may have adapted an existing air). The first printing of the tune was in Dublin publisher Smollet Holden's Collection of Old Established Irish Slow and Quick Tunes (1806) issued the year Cooke's opera was performed in the city. "Quick, we have but a second" is the name of a song by Thomas Moore set to the tune of "Paddy Snap" printed in his Irish Melodies. Peter K. Moran composed a rondo called "Paddy O Snap," printed in Dublin by S. Holden about the year 1798.

In America, the jig can be found in New York City publisher Edward Riley's Flute Melodies, vol. 1 (1814), and in the music manuscript copybook of amateur flautist Dan Henry Huntington (Onondega, New York, 1817).

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