Annotation:Paddy O'Sullivan's Jig

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X:1 T:Paddy O'Sullivan's jig S:Paddy O'Sullivan R:double jig M:6/8 Z:Paul de Grae L:1/8 K:A EFA ABc | BAA ABc | EFA ABc | BAB cAF | EFA ABc | B2 A Ace | agf ecA |1 BAB cAF :|2 BAB cBc || |: e2 e ecA | cde ecA | def fed | faf ecA | c2 e ecA | cde efg | a2 f ecA |1 BAB cBc :|2 BAB cAF || A3

PADDY O’SULLIVAN’S JIG. Irish, Double Jig (6/8 time). Composed by the late North Kerry fiddler Paddy O’Sullivan (Ardfert, Co. Kerry).

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