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PADDY WHACK [2]. Irish, English; Jig. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB (Kennedy, Raven): AABBCCDD (O’Farrell). A variant strain of "Paddy Whack (1)." The melody was published in several London music collections of the latter 18th century, beginning with Charles and Samuel Thompson’s Compleat Collection of 200 Favourite Country Dances, vol. 3 (1773), followed by Straight and Skillern’s Two Hundred and Four Favourite Country Dance Tunes, vol. 1 (1775), Brides Favourite Collection of 200 Select Country Dances, Cotillions' (1776), and Skillern’s Compleat Collection of Two Hundred and Four Reels, Country Dances (1780). The jig also appears in various instrumental tutors of the period.

"Paddy Whack (2)" is perhaps the version that is one of the "missing tunes" from Northumbrian musician William Vickers' 1770 dance manuscript collection (it is listed in the index). Although missing from Vickers' collection, it was entered in numerous other musicians’ manuscripts of the period, an indication of its popularity and wide dissemination. It can be found in America in the music manuscripts of flute player Henry Beck (1786), Elias Boynton (Pepperell, Mass, 1799), Joseph Cabot (Cambridge & Salem, Mass., 1784), John Beach (Gloucester, Mass., 1801), Sarah Brown Herreshoff (1790), Ebenezer Bevens (Middletown, Conn., 1825), and Silas Dickinson (Amherst, Mass., 1800), among numerous others (see EASMES [1] site for more). “Paddy Whack” also can be heard played on the mechanisms of a few surviving New England-manufactured musical clocks of the late 18th century.

Source for notated version:

Printed sources: Clinton (Gems of Ireland), 1841; p. 28. Kerr (Merry Melodies, vol. 1), c. 1880’s; p. 40. Kennedy (Fiddler's Tune-Book: Jigs & Quicksteps, Trips & Humours), 1997; No. 148, p. 36. O’Farrell (Pocket Companion, vol. 1), c. 1805; pp. 26–27. Peacock (Favorite Collection of Tunes with Variations), c. 1800; No. 22. Raven (English Country Dance Tunes), 1984; p. 115. Thompson (Compleat Collection of 200 Favourite Country Dances, vol. 3), 1773; No. 187.

Recorded sources:

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