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X:1 T:Paddy on the Hand Car [2] S:Red Headed Fiddlers (Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas) N:A.L. "Red" Steeley (1893-1969) and J. Warner "Red" Graham M:C| L:1/8 D:Document DOCD-8038, "Texas Fiddle Bands vol. 1" (1999) D:Brunswick 526 (78 RPM), Red Headed Fiddlers (1930) F: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:G ((3[G,/D/]E/F/|[G,G])Bga g4|dg2a g4|dcd(e =fe)df|ed^ce d4| ([G,D]G2)A Bcd2|ed^ce d3(_B|=B)AGB AGFD|G6:| |:[G,2D2]-|[G,2D2]GA G2(A-_B-|=B)GAc BGDC |B,CDE [=F4c4]|[Ac][=Fc][Gc][Fc] [Ac][Fc][Gc][Fc]| (DE)GA G4|+slide+BAGB AG3|DEGA Bcd2|=fede d3 (_B|=B)AGB AGFD|G6:|]

PADDY ON THE HANDCAR [2]. American, Reel (cut time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The tune under the "Paddy on the Handcar" title is sourced to the Texas stringband The Red Headed Fiddlers (fiddler A.L. "Red" Steeley with banjo player J. Warner "Red" Graham), although it is similar to the Appalachian "Bunch of Keys (2)/Old Bunch of Keys." The relaxed-paced reel was recorded in Dallas, Texas, in November, 1930, albeit with guitarist Mildred Steeley replacing Graham. Richard Nevins believes that fiddler "Red" Steeley had a style "strikingly similar" to that of Monticello, south-central Kentucky, fiddler Leonard Rutherford. In fact, Steeley (1893-1969) had been born in near Scottsboro, extreme north-east Alabama, and moved to Texas with his family when he was eight or nine years old; in his boyhood years he was much closer to Rutherford's home than he was to Texas. It may be that he absorbed regional fiddle stylings prior to moving to Texas.

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Recorded sources : - Brunswick Records BR 526 (78 RPM), Red Headed Fiddlers (1930). County 527, The Red Headed Fiddlers - "Old Time Fiddle Classics, vol. 2." Document DOCD-8038, Red Headed Fiddlers – “Texas Fiddle Bands Vol. 1.”

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