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PAIN'S FIRST SET OF QUADRILLES. English, Quadrille Sets. The title refers to one of two London dancing masters, Edward Payne and James Paine. Edward Payne was the first to publish his "First Set of Quadrilles" around 1814 or 1815, based on the original French Figures of the quadrille, Le Pantalon, L'Été, La Poulle, La Trénise and La Finale. Payne died in 1819, but not before publishing some ten sets of quadrilles. James Paine was an orchestra leader at the Almack's Assembly Rooms in London, who published his own "First Set of Quadrilles" in 1816 (albeit with sixth part called La Pastorale. He was as prolific as Edward, and composed seventeen sets of quadrilles by 1821.

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