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X:1 T:Pas Seul [6] N:(Danced by) “Miss Jane Forbes” M:C| L:1/8 R:Air B:Archibald Duff – A Choice Selection of Minuets, Favourite Airs, Hornpipes, Waltzs &c. B:Book First (Edinburgh, c. 1812, pp. 13-14) B: N:Archibald Duff (c. 1770-c. 1840?) was a musician (along with his brother Charles) and dancing N:master, of Montrose and Aberdeen, and is recorded as being a Professor of Music residing at N:Clayills Cottage, Aberdeen in 1837. N:The volume is dedicated to Lady Mary Ramsay of Balmain Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:Bb P:Pomposo F|B2 B>B (A2B) z/c/|dGc>B AFGA|B2 B>B (A2B) z/c/|d>Bc>A B3:| b|.a.g.f.e .d.c.B.b|.a.g.f.e .d.c.B.b|.a.g.f.e .d(def)|gGc>B .A.F.G.A| B2 B>B (A2B) z/c/|dGc>B A.F.G.A|B2 B>B (A2B) z/c/|d>e Tc>B B3|| f|.b2 .b>b (a2b) z/a/|.g.f.e.d .c(de=e)|f2 f>f (=e2f) z/.g/|a>b g>f f3=d| e2 e>e (d2e) z/f/|.g>Gc>B .A.F.G.A|B2 B>B A2 Bz/c/|d>Bc>A B3|| P:Bonney Jean of Aberdeen M:C L:1/8 "Slow"d>c|B2 (B/c/d) F3G|TB3c {e}d2 (cB)|{EG}e3g fdcB|c>dcB {A}G2 (d>c)| B2 (Bc/d/) F3G|(B>cd).f b2ag|(f>gf>).d cdef|d2Tc2 {Bc}B2|| (f/g/a)|b2 (bc'/d'/) f3g|b>abc' d'2 b>c'|(d'>c'bg) .f>g{a}bd {ef}|(ed)(cB) {A}G2 (d>c)| B2 (Bc/d/) F3G|B>cdf !fermata!b3{a}g|f>gfd c>de{f}g|d2Tc2 {Bc}B2|| P:Speed the Plough "Presto"B<BB<d f<gf<d|f<bf<d f<gf<d|e>fec d>fdB|c<Gc>B (Accd)| B<BBd f<gfd|f<bfd f<gfd|e>fd>e c>dB>c|G>BA>c B<B B2|| b<bb<B b<Bf<B|b<Ba<B g<Bf<B|e<eec d<ddB|c<Gc>B (Accf)| d/c/B f>d b<fd<f|g<eeg f<ddf|e>fd>e c>dB>c|G>BA>c B<BBz|| P:Duff House M:6/8 L:1/8 "Moderato"F|B2B {c}TB>AB|f2f {g}f>=ef|B2B {c}TB>AB|cAF FGA| B2B {c}TB>AB|f2f {g}f>=ef|egf edc|B2B B2:| |:c/d/|.e.c.A .F.E.C.|.B,.D.F .B.d.f|.e.c.A. F.E.C|.B,.D.F. B.d.f| B2B {c}TB>AB|f2f {g}f>=ef|egf edc|B2B B2:|]

PAS SEUL [6]. Scottish, Dance Suite (cut time). B Flat Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABC. "Pas Seul [6]" is a suite of four tunes arranged together for a choreographed solo dance, printed in Montrose and Aberdeen dancing master and musician biography:Archibald Duff. Duff arranged many such "Pas seul's" for his adolescent female students, perhaps soft-shoe ballet-like dances, although now lost, rather than the usual figures of country dances, jigs, reels, etc. "Pas Seul [5]" was for Miss Jane Forbes, mentioned in Duff's title.

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Printed sources : - Archibald Duff (A Choice Selection of Minuets, Favourite Airs, Hornpipes, Waltzs &c., Book First), Edinburgh, c. 1812; pp. 13-14.

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