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PATTERSON’S HORNPIPE. American, Hornpipe. An adaptation of the Scots tune “Cairding O't (The),” from an American manuscript begun by Virginia poet Robert Bolling [1] (1738-1775), whose family continued the collection as a family tradition. The Bollings were once of the Chellowe plantation, Buckingham County, Virginia. Robert's son Powhatan Bolling (1767-1802) was said to have been an "ardent violinist," and another son, Linnaeus (1773-1849) composed a piece called "Cannonade at Yorktown." "Patteson's Hornpipe", however, is from the pen of Peter Pelham (1721-1805) an English-born American organist, harpsichordist, teacher and composer.

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Recorded sources: Gourd Music 110, Barry Phillips – “World Turned Upside Down” (1992).

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