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X:1 T:Peggin' Awl M:C| L:1/8 S:Melvin Wine (West Virginia) R:Reel D:Augusta Heritage AHR 021, Melvin Wide - Hannah at the Springhouse (1989) F: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:Ador A2AB cBAB| cBAB cAE[GA]- |[G2B2]AA GA BG |ABAG EDEA-| A2 AB cBAB|cBAB cAE[GA]- |[G2B2]AA GA[GB]G |ABAG EDE+slide+[AA]-|[A4A4] [A3A3]B cd|| efgf edB>(^c|d2) ef gfgB-|BdeG EDE+slide+[AA]-|[A4A4][A3A3]B=cd| efgf edB>(^c|d2) ef gfgB-|BdeG EDE+slide+[AA]-||

PEGGIN' AWL. American, Reel (cut time). A Dorian. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. The tune was in the repertoire of Copen, Braxton County, West Virginia, fiddler Melvin Wine [1] (1909-2003). Southwest Virginia fiddler Henry Reed's "Route (The)" is a similar, but not cognate tune, as is "Jolly Blacksmith" from the Williamson family music manuscript.
Melvin Wine

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Recorded sources: - Augusta Heritage Records AHR-021, Melvin Wine - "Hannah at the Springhouse" (1989)

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