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PEGGY GRIEVES ME. AKA and see "Bush Aboon Traquair (The)." English, Air. "Peggy Grieves Me" is a song in the stage works The Fashionable Lady;, or Harlequin's Opera (Air X) and Charles Coffey's The Beggar's Wedding. The song was sung by Mrs. Barbier, an English contralto, on a visit to Dublin in December, 1731. She gave concerts at the newly opened concert hall in Crow St. The melody appears Daniel Wright's Aria di Camera (London, 1724) and in the [James] Gillespie Manuscript of Perth (1768). See note for "annotation:Bush Aboon Traquair (The)" for more.

Source for notated version:

Printed sources: Daniel Wright (Aria di Camera), London, 1727; No. 34.

Recorded sources:

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