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X:1 T:Piece [1] N:From the playing of Bob Walters (1889-1960, Burt County, Nebraska) N:A version of "I Don't Love Nobody (1)" M:C| L:1/8 R:Country Rag D:University of Missouri - Old Time Fiddler's Repertory (1976) D: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:C G2|cdea- age2|c4e2c2|FAcd- dcA2|[E6c6]e2| cBca- age2| c4 e4|de^fa- afd2|g2ga bgag| ecea- age2|c4e2c2|FAcd- dcA2|[E6c6]cB| AFAc- cBcd|eg2e gagf|edcA cd3|c6|| EF|G2G2A2GA|cAcd edcA|dcAB cdcA|G6EF| G2G2A2GA|cAcd eg2e|gage c3c |d6 | G2G2A2GA|cAcd edcA|dcAB cdcA|G6 ED| C2 CD EGAB|cdeg- g2a2|ge2d c2d2|[E6c6||

PIECE [1]. American, Country Rag (2/4 or cut time). C Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. Although Missouri Valley fiddler Bob Walters (1889-1960, Burt County, eastern Nebraska) recorded this as an untitled piece, it is in fact a version of the popular 1896 'coon song' "I Don't Love Nobody" by Lew Sully. R.P. Christeson explains:

The melody in the chorus has become the common part in a cluster of two-part fiddle tunes whose differences are largely in the added part. "Crafton Blues," a Texas-based tune is one; "Rock and Rye Rag" is another; "Walking Up Town" in Mom Routh's book is still another. A commercial 78-RPM recording [Ed. Doc Roberts, 1933] of "I Don't Love Nobody (1)" [Melotone #12746] follows this pattern and has a second part which I consider inferior to the first part. Various fiddlers, including Bob Walters, would play at the Melotone version when "I Don't Love Nobody" was requested.

Additional notes

Source for notated version: - Bob Walters (1889-1960, Burt County, Nebraska) [Christeson].

Printed sources : - R.P. Christeson (Old Time Fiddler's Repertory, vol. 1), 1973; No. 222, p. 179.

Recorded sources: - University of Missouri, Bob Walters - "Old Time Fiddler's Repertory" (1976. Various artists).

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