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PIPER IN THE CAVE, THE. Irish, March (cut time). B Dorian. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABC. Not the Scottish “Piper's Cave” printed by Martin. It is very similar to the "Bagpipe March" as recorded by fiddler Francie Byrne on the album “The Brass Fiddle.” There are various 'Piper's Caves' in Scotland and Ireland to which is attached some variant of a tale of a piper striding into the cave, playing, while his melody slowly fades into the depths. The piper, of course, does not return. A similar story is attached to Donegal fiddler John Doherty’s “The Further in the Deeper” (see note for “annotation:Farther and Deeper”).

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Recorded sources: Paul O’Shaughnessy and Frankie Lane - "Stay Another While"

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Hear/see Paul O'Shaughnessy play the tune at ITMA's site [1]

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