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X:1 T:Plethen Lulynn T:Newlyn Reel M:4/4 L:1/8 O:Cornwall B:Merv Davey - Hengan (1983, p. 53) K:Amin E2|A2 A4 AB|c2 c4 d2|e2 e4 dc|B6 c2| d2 d4 cB|c2 A4 BA|^G2 E4 ^FG|A6:| |:e2|f2 f4 ed|e2 e4 dc|B2 B4 cd|e6 e2| f2 f4 ed|e2 A4 BA|^G2 E4 ^FG|A6:|]

PLETHEN NEWLYN. AKA - "Fisherman's Reel," "Newlyn Reel." This tune from Cornwall, southwest England, was collected in the mid-1970's by Mrs. Esme Francis (harpist for Cornish Gorsedh) from John Williams of Boscregan. Willams, as a boy, used to go to Newlyn on a horse and cart and remembered the fisherman there performing the dance.

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Printed sources : - Davey (Hengan), 1983; p. 51.

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