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X:1 T:Podunk Toddle N:From the playing of fiddler Ira Ellis with Freeny Harmonizers M:C| L:1/8 R:Country Rag/March Q:"Fast" N:Play AA'BB'AA'BB'C D:Vocalion 03140 (78 RPM), Freeny Harmonizers (1935) D:Document DOCD 8009, Freeny Harmonizers - "Mississippi String Bands vol. 1" D: D: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:C P:A A^cea- afec|A^cea- afec|defd efde|fded- d^c=cA| B[Bg]-[Bg][Bg]- [Bg]a [B2g2]|1a2ga- aged|cAcd- dcd^d|.e2z2 z4:| |2a2ga- age2|[E4c4]- [Ec]GAB|[E2c2]A2_B2=B2|| P:B K:F c3-d c4-|c2cd- dcA2|[A3f3]g a4-|a2a- b2a2|a4 g4| a4 g3a|1g2f2 ed3|c2A2B=B3:||2 f4- fc d2|f4 .f2|| P:C c4|[c2a2][ca][ca][c2a2][c2a2]-|[c2a2]f2 ed c2|d4- dcA2|c8|[c4a4][B4g4]| fecd- dcd2|e6d2|e3-d c4|b8-|b2ge- edc2|d6^d2| e6-c2|g4^f4|g4^g4|a2f2 ed2c-|c2cd efg2| [c2a2][ca][ca][c2a2][c2a2]-|[c2a2]f2 ed c2|d4- dcAc-|c6(B/c/B)| A2A2-AA^ce|a4[B4g4]|[A6f6][A2f2]|[A4f4]-[Af]e f2|[B4g4]^g4| a2f2 ed3|c2A2B=B3|c4 [c4a4]|[c4a4][B4f4]|[A8f8]|[A2f2]z2||F3E| P:D K:Bb D4- DEFD|G4F3-D|B,2D2 FD2C|B,4- B,3C|D4- D2F-D| G4 F3-G |[M:3/2]A2G2 A4- A3G|F4 E4-|E4F4|G2F2 +slide+[A2A2]G2| A4- A3G|F8|G4[G4e4]|[F8d8]|z2 FG ABc^c|| d2 dd d2d2-|d2B2 AGF2|G4- GFDF-|F6 (E/F/E)| D4- D2((3=E/^F/G/A)|d4 c4|B8|B4-BA B2|c4^c4|d2 B2 AG3| F2D2E=E3|F4 [F4d4]|[F3d4]c4|[D8B8]|[D4B4]F2||

PODUNK TODDLE. American, Country Rag (cut time). C Major ('A' part), F Major ('B' part) & B Flat Major ('D' part). The Freeny Harmonizers, from the town of Freeny (outside of Carthage), central Mississippi, were Ira Ellis (fiddle), S. Carlton Freeny (banjo), and Neal Babb (gtr. and vocals). They recorded only two sides, in 1935 in Jackson, Mississippi, for the Brunswick Record Company, released on their Vocalion label. The Freeny Harmonizers were formed in 1931, and, according to researcher Tony Russell, were "a show band with brass, reeds, piano and drums, but were stripped down to a trio for the 1935 Jackson session."

There is a census for 1940 lists an Ira Ford Ellis, who was born in 1896 or 1897, Reeltown, Tallapoosa, Alabama, and living at the time in Leake County, Mississippi, with hie wife, Nell and two daughters. He died in 1962. Carlton Freeny was also a member of Freeny's Barn Dance Band, with fiddler Leslie Freeny, cousin Hendrix Freeny, and guitarist A.F. "Fonzo" Cannon.

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Recorded sources : - Document DOCD 8009, Freeny Harmonizers - "Mississippi String Bands vol. 1". Nanny State Records NSCD-4401, The Ninetree Stumbers, vol. 1. Old Time Tiki Parlour, Erick & Suzy Thompson DVD (2015). Vocalion 03140 (78 RPM), Freeny Hamonizers (1935)

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