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X:1 T: Poor White Folks C: Bill Monroe L:1/8 M:2/4 K:A "A"A,/C/E/A/ F/G/A/c/|B/A/B [cA][c/A/][c/A/]|A,/C/E/F/ [AA]A/A/|c/B/c/B/ A/F/E/C/| A,/C/E/F/ AA/c/|B/A/B [cA][c/A/][c/A/]| e/f/e/c/ B/A/F|"E"E/F/A/B/ "A"A2 :| |:"A"f/ab/ ae/e/|f/e/c/d/ ee/e/|A/B/c/e/ e/c/e/g/|f/e/c/d/ ee | f/ab/ ae/e/|f/e/c/d/ ee-|e/f/e/c/ (3B/c/B/ A/F/|"E7"E/F/A/B/ "A"A2 :|

According to Vivian Williams, when Bill Monroe came to Seattle in 1967, at the jam session after the concert Bill played this tune and called it "White Folks Ain't Treatin' Me Right." On the 1972 recording the title had been changed to "Poor White Folks."

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Recorded sources : - Decca DL7-5348 "Bill Monroe's Uncle Pen" (1972).

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