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PRELUDE OF THE BOSS (Profiad y Botwm). Welsh. A mediaeval piece from the Robert Ap Huw manuscript (a manuscript of bardic music of Wales from the Renaissance and Middle Ages, now housed in the British Museum, B. M. Addl. MS 14905), deciphered by Peter Crossley-Holland. Ap Huw was a harpist who lived in the time of Elizabeth I and James IV. The ‘boss’ of the title refers to an ornate jewel that decorated most harps at the time.

A page of notation for the harp from the Ap Huw Manuscript

Source for notated version:

Printed sources:

Recorded sources: Flying Fish FF70610, Robin Huw Bowen – “Telyn Berseiniol Fy Ngwlad/The Sweet Harp of My Land” (1996).

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