Annotation:President Kennedy's Waltz

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X:792 T:President Kennedy's Waltz C:Graham Townsend Z:from the B.C. Fiddlers, edited by VTW M:3/4 L:1/8 K:C e>f|"C"g>^f a>g e>d|c>B d>c A>G|G,>C E>F G>A| G3E C>A,|"G7"G,>B, D>E F>G|F4E>D|"C "C>D E>F G>A| G4e>f|g>^f a>g e>d|c>B d>c A>G |G,>C E>F G>A| G3E D>C|"G7 "B,>C D>E F>G|B2e2d2|"C"c3B c>d|c3||B c>e| "C"[g2c2][gc]>[gc] [gc][gc]|[ac]>[gc] [gc][ac] [gc]2|[gc]2[gc]>[gc] [gc][gc]|[ac]>[gc] [gc][ac] [gc]2| "G7"G,2g>a g>e|f>e d>cB2|G,2g>a g>e|f>e d>B c2| "C"[g2c2][gc]>[gc] [gc][gc]|[ac]>[gc] [gc][ac] [gc]2|[gc]2[gc]>[gc] [gc][gc]|[ac]>[gc] [gc][ac] [gc]2| "G7"G,2g>a g>e|f>e d>cB2|G2A2Bd|"C"c4|]

PRESIDENT KENNEDY'S WALTZ. Canadian, Ottawa Valley/Ontario. Waltz, C Major. Standard tuning (fiddle).

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Recorded sources : - Banff RBS 1239/SBS 5239, Graham Townsend - "The Inimitable Graham Townsend" (1966).

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