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PRIDE OF THE DEE WALTZES, THE. Scottish, Waltz. Composed by Peter Milne (1824-1908), a Scottish fiddler, one of J. Scott Skinner’s teachers and, later, a fiddling partner. Milne managed to make a living playing theater venues all over Scotland, but became addicted to opium in the drug laudanum, which he originally took as a pain-killer. He ended his life in reduced circumstances, busking on the ferry that crossed the Firth of Forth. Skinner (1904) said of him: “(Milne) was the founder of the present style of Strathspey playing, and the best all round player and composer of his day. His left hand was as unerring and accurate as a machine. Another favourite piece of his is ‘The Pride ‘o the Dee’ Valse.” The melody is considered among those of Milne’s better compositions.

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