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X:1 T:Proudlock's Fancy M:4/4 L:1/8 K:Bb (3FGA|BDFB dFBd|fBdf bBdf|\ gBeg fBdf|eFAe cFAc| BDFB dFBd|fBdf baba|\ g^fge dcBA|c2B2 B2:| |:g^f|gecB Agf=e|fdBF DFBf|\ ecAG (3FGF (3EFE|DFBd fdba| gecB Agf=e|fdBF DFBb|\ agfe dcBA|c2B2 B2:|

PROUDLOCK'S FANCY. Dixon's source for the tune is the Tom Clough (1881-1964) manuscript in Richard Butler's collection, where it is written in the key of G major, along with a note that it was originally in B flat and attributed to noted Tyneside fiddler James Hill (c1811-1853). A date for when the tune was entered in the manuscript is not given but must be twentieth century. It is also found with this title, but not attributed to Hill, in Jack ("Kielder Jock") Davidson's manuscripts, again from the early twentieth century. It must not be confused with "Proudlock's Hornpipe", a completely different tune. The A music is reminiscent of "Golden Eagle", which first appeared in Ryan's Mammoth Collection, published in Boston Massachusetts in 1883, whereas the 'B' music is entirely different. This collection also contains a good number of other James Hill tunes. The Proudlock of both the Hornpipe and the Fancy is presumably Lewis Proudlock (1838-1914), who was a noted dancer and musician, but not known as a composer of tunes so it is likely that he either liked playing it or dancing to it or both. Proudlock was only fifteen years old at the time of James Hill's death so although it is in the style of James Hill, if Hill wrote it, it must have started out with a different title, now lost.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - Tom Clough MSs (1881-1964)

Printed sources : - The Lads Like Beer: The Fiddle Music Of James Hill, by Graham Dixon[1]

Recorded sources : - Fiddler's Fancy: The Music of James Hill. Tom McConville

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