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PUMPHERSTON HORNPIPE. Hornpipe (12/8 time). G Minor. Standard tuning (fiddle). Composed by Jim Sutherland, a cittern and percussion player as well as a composer and producer, and a one-time member of the Scottish band Easy Club (with whom he recorded this tune). It has been remarked upon by many that the melody is 'spooky' and has become a Halloween favorite in some circles. The title references the West Lothian dormitory village of Pumpherston, west of Edinburgh, built to house the workforce serving the shale oil mining industry in Scotland. It was a heavily industrialized area with mining, refining and a brick-works which was supplied by the red "spoil" from the mines. The spoil was also recycled for road building.

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Recorded sources: Joe Jewell – “Fantasy at the Faire” (2003). Green Linnet, Gerard Trimble – “First Flight” (1991). Maggie’s Music MM232, Jody Marshall – “Cottage in the Glen” (2005). Rel Records RELS 479, The Easy Club – “Chance or Design” (1985).

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