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X:1 T:Putney's Run N:From the playing of Jimmie Wheeler (Portsmouth, Ohio), via Roger Cooper. M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel Q:"Fast" D:Rounder0533, Roger Cooper - "Essence of Old Kentucky" (2006) D: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:D [FA]-[AA]-|:[A2A2]FE DFDF|G2 BG DGBB|A2cB Acea|faec dBAF| D2 FE DFAF|G2BG DGBB|A2cB Acea|faec d2[F2A2]:| |:de|fafe d2 de|fafe d2Ad|cdef ecBc|Aceg fede| fafe d2 de|fafe d2fg| afed cABc|1d3e d2:|2 dBAF D2||

PUTNEY'S RUN. American, Reel. The source for the tune is fiddler and instrument maker and repairman Jimmy Wheeler (1918-1987) of Portsmouth, Ohio. A 'run' in Ohio refers to a creek. "Putney's Run" is musically unrelated to the similarly-titled "Putner's Run," from the repertoire of Washington Courthouse, Ohio, fiddler Estill Adams. Kerry Blech sees similarities between Wheeler's "Putney's Run" and Ohio fiddler Lonnie Seymour’s “Log Chain (2).”

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Recorded sources : - Rounder CD 0533, Roger Cooper - "Essence of Old Kentucky" (2006).

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