Annotation:Quadrille canadien -- 4ème partie

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X:1 T:Quadrille canadien -- 4ème partie S:Isidore Soucy (1899-1962, Montreal) N: M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel D:Starr Records 15267 (78 RPM), Isidore Soucy (1926) D: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:G S[GB]GBd eceg|fdfa gfed|BGBd eceg|fdfa gag2| G2 Bd eceg|fdfa gfed|BGBd eceg|fdfa gage|| [M:2/4]d2 BG|:[M:C|] ABAG E2D2 |ABAG E2D2| G2Bd edef |1,3gfge d2 BG:| |2 gfge d2 BG| ABAF G2D2:|4 gfge d2 BG|[M:2/4] ABAFS||

QUADRILLE CANADIEN -- 4EME PARTIE. French-Canadian, Reel (cut time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABB'BB". Soucy researcher Jean Duval remarks that the opening of the first strain begins similarly to the second strain of "<incipit title="load:hick" width=850 link="'s Hornpipe">Hick's Hornpipe</incipit>" in O'Neill's Dance Music of Ireland (1907)[1].

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Source for notated version: -

Printed sources : - Jean Duval (La Musique de Isidore Soucy 1899–1962), 2017; no. 10, p. 7.

Recorded sources: - Starr 15267b (78 RPM), Isidore Soucy (1926).

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Hear Isidore Soucy's 1926 recording at the Virtual Gramophone [1]

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X:1 L:1/8 M:C| K:G |:dc|BGBd eceg|fdfa gfed|gfgd gbag|f2d2d2 dc|

  1. Jean Duval, "La Musique de Isodore Soucy 1899–1962", 2017, p. 195