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X:1 T:Quadrille de Boston S:Robert Lemieux (accordion) M:C| L:1/8 Q:"Quick" R:Quadrille or Reel D:Starr 15983 (78 RPM), Robert Lemieux (1936) F: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:D (3G/A/G/|:FAdf e2d2|FAdA c2B2|GBeg f2 e(e/4f/4e/)|BABc (B/c/B)AA| FAdf e2d2|FAdA cBBB|GBeg f2(e/f/e) |1cABc d2d2:|2 [M:3/2]cABc d2 af d2|| ag|[M:C|](3fgf (3efe defd|(3cdc (3BcB G2gf|(3efe (3ded (3cec AB|cA (B/c/B) A2ag| (3fgf (3efe defd|(3cdc (3BcB G2gf|(3efe (3ded (3cec AB|cABc d2|| ag|faea dada|caca B2gf|eada caca|BaBa A2ag| faea dada|caca B2gf| (e/f/e) de (c/d/c) AB| cABc d2|| (a/4b/4a/)g|:adad bafe|defd efed|cAAA cAcA|defd A2fg| adad bafe|defd efed|cAAA cAcA|1feBc d2fg:|2 feBc d2||

QUADRILLE DE BOSTON. AKA - "Quadrille Boston (Le)." French-Canadian, Quadrille or Reel (cut time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BCDD'. "Quadrille de Boston" was recorded by multi-instrumentalist Robert Lemieux in Montreal in 1936. While Lemieux played accordion on this recording, he also made recordings playing the fiddle and was a very competant musician on both instruments.

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Source for notated version : - Starr 15983 (78 RPM), Robert Lemieux (1936)

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