Annotation:Queen Victory Country Dance

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X: 1 T:Queen Victory Country Dance M:6/8 L:1/8 C:after Vivian Williams S:fr. the John Neilson Music Book, 1875; republished by Voyager Recordings R:Jig N:No evidence in tune archives pointing to title "Queen Victoria" for this tune.6 Z:abc's from PLK 12/2011, after Vivian Williams printed output, typeset from Neilson. K:G D|"G"G2 D {F}EDE|G2 G/2G/2 G2 e|"G"dcB BAG|"D"BAG EDE |! "G"G2 D {F}EDE|G2 G/2G/2 G2 e|"D"dcB AGA|"G"G2 G/2G/2 G  :|]! [|:Bc|"G"ded dBd|"C"e2 fg2 e|"G"dcB BAG|"D"BAG E2 D |!/ |1"G"ded dBd|"C"e2 f g e|"D"dcB AGA|"G"B2 d/2B/2 G:|]!/ |2"G"GAB "D"ABd|"G"Bcd "C"efg|"D"ded cBA|"G"G2 B/2G/2 G2 |]

QUEEN VICTORY COUNTRY DANCE. From the John Neilson Music Book, an 1875 manuscript of dance tunes from Cuilhill, Scotland.

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Williams (The John Neilson Music Book), 2013; p. 30

Recorded sources : - Voyager 380 "Tunes from the John Neilson Music Book" (2016)

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