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X:1 T:Queen of Prussia’s Waltz. JMT.080 M:3/4 L:1/8 Q:130 S:J. Moore, Tyneside, 1841 (55) R:Waltz O:England A:Northumbria D:C.G.P. K:G G2|G2G2G2|G2G2 ed|d4B2|B2z2GA|Bcdefg|d4e2|d4c2! A2z2d^c|d^cdefg|a2 z2D2|GFGBdB|cBceag|f2f2f2|g4:|! |:d2|g2GBdg|eccccc|A2DFAc|BdGGGd|g2GBdg|! eaaaaa|gfedef|g4:||:d2|edcBcA|GFBFGE|DEFGAB|! GABc^cd|edcBcA|GFBFGE|DEFGAB|G4:||:B>B|B4B>B|! B4B>B|B2B2B2|B2B2B2|d4-B2|d4B2|[D4d4][B,2B2][D4d4][B,2B2]|edcBcA|GFBFGG|! DEFGAB|GABc^cd|edcBcA|GFBFGE|DEFGAB|G4:|]

QUEEN OF PRUSSIA’S GRAND (WALTZ), THE. AKA – “The Queen of Prussia.” English(?), Waltz (3/4 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCCDD. “The Queen of Prussia” appears in the music copybook of Tyneside, Northumberland, musician John Moore (1841). The waltz appears in print in America in Riley’s Flute Melodies, vol. 2 (New York, 1817). Flute player H. Canfield (Hartford, Conn.) included it in his music copybook of 1823.

The tune, however, may have a Continental provenance, and was previously published by L. Rudophus (Hamburg und Altona) in 1810 as "Erster Favorit-Walzer der Königinn von Preussen von Himmel", implying that it was composed by German composer Friedrich Heinrich Himmel (1765-1814)[1]. It was also called "Lieblingswalzer der Königin Louise von Preussen."

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Printed sources : - John Cole (Cole's Pocket Companion: for the flute, flageolet & violin, vol. 2), Baltimore, c. 1830; p. 43. Kennedy (Fiddler’s Tune-Book: Slip Jigs and Waltzes), 1999; No. 164, p. 43.

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