Annotation:Röd to Eshaness (Da)

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X:1 % T:Röd to Eshaness, Da C:Tom Anderson, 1978 M:C L:1/8 K:A E|:A3c e2a2|f2d2B2a2|gaba g2e2|afed cdBc| A3c e2a2|f2d2B2a2|gaba gedB|(A4 A2):| (cd)|e2a2B2b2|agfe a2c2|d2f2e2a2|fedc B2 (cd)| e2a2B2b2|agfe a2c2|d2f2 edcB|(A4 A2) (cd)| e2a2B2b2|agfe a2c2|d2f2e2a2|fedc B2 (cB)| A3c e2a2|f2d2B2a2|gaba gedc|(A4 A2)||

RÖD TO ESHANESS, DA. Shetland, Air (4/4 time). A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB. "The tune written (by Tom Anderson) in 1978 tries to describe the many twists and turns, hills and dales, etc., on the road to Eshaness" (Anderson). The Eshaness peninsula, Shetland, features cliffs, stacks, blowholes and geos from the North Atlantic, one of the highest energy coastlines in the world. The tune can be played as an air or march.

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Printed sources : - Anderson (Ringing Strings), 1983; p. 29.

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