Annotation:Rainy River Waltz

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X:1 T:Rainy River Waltz C:Andy De Jarlis M:3/4 L:1/8 K:C G3/2F/|"C"E4 G2|"C7"c2 E2 G2|"F"F4 A2|"Dm"A6|"G"G3 A Bc| d3 e f2|"C"e6 -|e2 G3F|E4 G2|c2 E2 G2|"F"F4 A2| "Dm"A6|"G"G3 A Bc|d4 e2|"C"c6 -|c2||d2 e2| "F"f3 e fg|f2 G3c|"C"e6 -|e4 c2|"G"B4 c2| d3 e fd|"C"e6 -|e2 d2 e2|"F"f3 e fg|f2 G3c| "C"e6 -|e4 c2|"G"B4 c2|d4 e2|"C"c6 -|c4|]

RAINY RIVER WALTZ. Canadian, Western Canada, Maritimes/English, Waltz. C Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). Composed by Andy DeJarlis.<brdata-mce-bogus="1" />

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Recorded sources : - London EB 101, Andy DeJarlis and His Early Settlers - "Old Time Waltzes." Apex AL 7-1646, Don Messer - "Hello Neighbour" (1968).

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