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RAQUETTEURS, LES (The Snowshoers). French-Canadian, Reel. B Flat Major ('A' part) & G Minor ('B' part). Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'B. The tune may or may not be associated with a 1958 documentary film produced by a National Film Board team led by Michel Brault. They went to Sherbrooke, Quebec, intending to shoot only enough for a three-minute short on a big meeting of competitive snowshoe clubs. Brault ended up shooting 10,000 feet of film using a heavy hand-held camera for most of it. The result did not impress his superiors who thought it good only for stock footage. Undeterred, Brault and editor Gilles Groulx quietly shaped the raw footage into a 15-minute documentary called "Les raquetteurs" [1], considered by many the single most influential film in Quebec cinema.

Source for notated version: Learned by French-Canadian fiddler Omer Marcoux from a record he found in Quebec.

Printed sources: Miskoe & Paul (The Fiddle Music of Omer Marcoux), 1980; p. 4. Songer (Portland Collection, vol. 2), 2005; p. 165.

Recorded sources:

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