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X:1 T:Rebel Raid [3] N:From fiddler Ed Haley (1885-1951, Ashland, northeast Kentucky), via David Bragger. Q:"Fast" M:C| L:1/8 N:AEae tuning D: D: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:A [A,2E2][E2A2] A-BcA|B-cdA c(AAc)|dcBA G2 Bd|cB-AG- E2 ([A,E]F/[G/A/]-| [AA])[AA][A2A2] A-BcA|B-cdA c(AAc)|dcBA G2 Bd|cABG A2 [A2A2]-| [AA][AA][A2A2]A-BcA|B-cdA c(AAc)|dcBA G2 fg|afed cA A2| [A,2E2][E2A2] A-BcA|B-cdA c(AAc)|dcBA G2 Bd|cABG A2|| ((3efg|a)Aa2 a3a|a-fed c-dec|d-cBA G2 fg|a-fed c-def| a2 (b/a/g) a2a2|a-fed c-dec|d-cBA G2 Bd|cABG A2((3e/f/g/| "*"a2) (b/a/g) a2(b/a/g)|a-fed c-dec|d-cBA G2 fg|a-fed c-def| a2 (b/a/g) a2(b/a/g)|a-fed c-dec|d-cBA G2 Bd|cABG A2|] P:Substitution ((3efg|a)A a2 {e}=g3g|e-fed c-dec||

REBEL RAID [3]. American, Reel (cut time). A Major. AEae tuning (fiddle). AB. A version in the repertoire of fiddler biography:Ed Haley (1885-1951), who was born in West Virginia, but who later lived in Ashland, eastern Kentucky. “Ed Haley had a way of making up versions of tunes that only remotely resembled other people's although he probably played the other versions also... being that kind of musician. He had different tunes he played in different parts of the country,” remarked John Hartford.
Ed Haley

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Recorded sources : - Brad Leftwich - "We'll all Die in the Pigpen Fighting." Rounder Records CD 1133/1134, Ed Haley - "Grey Eagle" (1997). Rounder Records, John Hartford - "The Speed of the Old Long Bow: A Tribute to Ed Haley" (1998).

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