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X:1 T:Red Haired Man's Wife [1], The T:Pretty Red Haired Girl, The M:3/4 L:1/8 Q:"Moderately slow and with feeling" B:Frank Roche -- Collection of Traditional Irish Music vol. 1 (1912, No. 44, p. 23) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:Ddor (FG)|(A2A2) (AB)|G4 (AG)|(FEFA) (GE)|(E2 D)D (D2|D3) z (DE)| (F G/F/E/D/) (FGAB)|(c2 d/c/A/G/) (3Add|d4 (DE)|(F G/F/E/D/) (FGAB)|(c2 d/c/A/G/) (3Ade| !fermata!f2 (gfef)|(def)(edc)|A2 (f/4e/4d/4c/4A/4d/4c/4A/4G/4E/4)|(FEF)(AGE)| (E2 D)D (D2|D3) z (DE)|(5F/G/F/E/D/ (FGAB)|(c2 d/c/A/G/) (3Ade|!fermata!f2 (gfef)| (def)(edc)|A4 (f/4e/4d/4c/4d/4c/4A/4G/4A/4G/4E/4D/4)|{E}(FEF)(AGE)|(E2 D)D (D2|D3)z z2|]

RED HAIRED MAN'S WIFE [1], THE (Cailín Deas Ruadh (An)). AKA and see "Pretty Red Girl (2) (The)." Irish, Air (3/4 time). D Dorian. Standard tuning (fiddle). One part.

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Printed sources : - Roche (Collection of Traditional Irish Music, vol. 1), 1912; No. 44, p. 23.

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