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X:1 T:Reel à neuf, Le S:Louis Boudreault M:C| L:1/8 N:AAABBCCC' R:Reel F: K:G [G,3G3]B ddgg|ece/e/e dBc/B/A|BAGB ddgd|ece/e/e [D2d2][D2d2]:| |:[G,2D2] [G,G]A BBG(B/d/)|BAGB AGBB|[G,2D2][G,G]A BBG(B/d/)|BAGB AF[G,G]G| [G,2D2][G,G]A BBG(B/d/)|BAGB AGBB|[G,2D2][G,G]A BBGB|dBGB|AF[G,G]G:| [B3g3]g b[Bb][Bb][Bb]-|[B2b2] [G,Dd]f [ca]afa|aa[dg]g b[Bb][Bb][Bb]-|[B2b2][G,Dd]f aafa:| [B3g3]g b[Bb][Bb][Bb]-|[B2b2] [G,Dd]f [ca]afa|aa[dg]g b[Bb][Bb][Bb]-|[B2b2][G,Dd]f aafa g>g g2||

REEL À NEUF, LE. AKA and see “Soeurs (Les).” French-Canadian, Reel (cut time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAABBCCC'. "Reel a neuf" is a family tune from Chicoutimi fiddler Louis "Pitou" Boudreault. Perhaps inadvertently "Reel à neuf" is a punning title: i.e. it sounds in English as "real enough." The tune is quite common in the old repertoire of Québec fiddlers, though in widely different variants. See, for example, André Alain's "Soeurs (Les)" (The Sisters), and Isidore Soucy's "Quadrille du peuple 2ème partie."

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Recorded sources : - Gamma GS 256, La Bottine Souriante ‎– "Les Épousailles" (1981). Rounder 6010, Louis Boudreault - "Music of French America" (1977). Voyager 322, Louis Boudreault - "Old Time Fiddler of Chicoutimi, Québec" (1977, 1993).

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Hear Boudreault play the tune at Slippery Hill [1]

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