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X:1 T:Reel Maginot M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel Q:”Quick” N:From the playing of fiddler J.O. Albert LaMadeleine N: (1880-1973, Montreal, Québec) D:Starr 16293 (78 RPM), J.O. Albert & Marcel LaMadeleine (1940. Recorded Nov. 1939)) D: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:G B2|: {Bc}BABc d2d2|"*" {c}BBcd efe2| A2AB cBcA|Ggfa g2g2| dBdg eceg|fdfa gf g2|dBdg ecAF|1G2 GF G2 GG:|2 G2 GF G2|| gd|edBA G2gd|edBA G2 BG|AGBG AGBd|(B/c/B) AF G2gd| edBA GBgf|gddd ecAF|G2 GF G2 GA|| P:2nd strain, different phrasing gd|edBA G2 gd|[M:2/4]edBA|[M:3/2]G2 BGAG BGAG Bd|[M:C|](B/c/B) AF G2 gd| edBA GBgf|gddd ecAF |G2 GF G2||

REEL MAGINOT. AKA and see "Reel de St. Alphonse." "Reel Maginot" was recorded in November, 1939, in Montreal by father and son fiddlers J.O. and Marcel LaMadeleine. The title may or may not refer to France's Maginot Line of fortifications built on the border with Germany in the 1930's. The record was released in February, 1940, a few months before the Germans invaded France in World War II, sidestepping the Maginot defenses altogether.

LaMadeleine researcher Jean Duval finds this tune a cognate of "Douglas's Favorite Hornpipe," AKA "Mountain Hornpipe (1) (The)", "Mountains of Kerry (The)" [1]. Accordion player Tommy Duchese et ses Chevaliers du folklore recorded a very similar version as "Reel de St. Alphonse" in Montreal in 1938, a year before LaMadeleine.

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Jean Duval (La Musique de J.O. LaMadeleine 1879-1973), 2019; No. 163, p. 76.

Recorded sources : - Starr 16293 (78 RPM), J.O. & Marcel La Madeleine (1940. Recorded Nov. 1939).

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Hear J.O. and Marcel LaMadeleine's 1940 recording at the Virtual Gramophone [1]

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  1. Jean Duval, "La Musique de J.O. LaMadeleine 1879-1973", 2019; No. 163, p. 183.