Annotation:Reel aux cheveux blancs

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Reel de Gaspé (3)

X:1 T:Reel aux cheveux blancs T:Reel de Gaspé T:Reel du fricot N:From the playing of fiddler Joseph Allard (1873-1947, Montreal). M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel D:Victor 263590-B (78 RPM), Joseph Allard (1929) D: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:D FE|:SDFAF DFA,D |FDAF GBEG|FAdA FAdf edcB AGFE| DFAF DFA,D |FDAF GBEG|FAdA FAdf|1egec d2cd:|2 egec ddcd|| |:ecAc EAce|fdAd FAdf|gfeg fedf|edcB ABcd| ecAc EAce|fdAd FAdf|1gfeg feAd|ecAc ddcd:|2 gfeg fedc|fdaf d2 FES||

REEL AUX CHEVEUX BLANCS (White-haired Reel). AKA and see "Queen of the West]]," "Reel de Gaspé (3)," "Reel des marins," "Reel du fricot," "Sumner's Hornpipe." French-Canadian, Reel (cut time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB'. The tune is a reworking by Montreal fiddler Joseph Allard of two tunes found in Ryan's Mammoth Collection (1883). See note for "annotation:Reel de Gaspé (3)" for more.

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Jean Duval (La Musique de Joseph Allard 1873-1947), 2018, No. 25, p. 13.

Recorded sources : - Victor 263590-B (78 RPM), Joseph Allard (1929).

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Hear Joseph Allard's 1929 recording at the Virtual Gramophone [1]

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