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X:1 T:Reel de Varennes N:From the playing of fiddler Arthur-Joseph (A.J.) Boulay (1883-1948), N:who was born in New Hampshire, but who spent much of his life in Quebec. M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel Q:"Quick" D: D:Victor 2636694a (78 RPM), A.J. Bouley (1930) Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:D FG|A2d2c2-d2|A2-d2 f3e-|"*"g2e2B2c2|edcB A2 FG| A2d2c2-d2|A2-d2 f2 ef|"*"g2e2B2c2|d4 .d2:| |:fg|a2^ga b2a2|abaf d3f-|a2ge B2c2|edcB A3^g| a2^ga b2a2|abaf d3f-|a2 ge B2c2|d4 d2:| |:AG|F2D2F2A2|d2e2f2ef|g2e2c2A2|edcB A2 AG| F2A2 D2F2|A2d2f2ef|g2e2c2A2|d4 d2:| P:Substitutions: "*"g2e2c2A2||

REEL DE VARENNES (Varennes' Reel). French-Canadian, Reel (cut time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle).

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Recorded sources: -Victor 263694a (78 RPM), A.J. Boulay (1930)

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