Annotation:Reel des Jeunes Mariés (Le)

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X:1 T:Reel des jeunes mariés L:1/8 M:C| K:D D2FD FAde|fafd A2ef|gfed cABc|dcde fdAF| D2FD FAde|fafd A2ef|gfed cABc|1 dfec d2 d2:|2 dfec d2fg|| |:a2fd Adfa|g2ec Acef|g2ec Aceg|fedf eA df| a2 fd Adfa|g2 ec Acef|g2ec Aceg|fdec d2A2:||

REEL DES JEUNES MARIÉS, LE. AKA and see “Newly Weds' Reel (The).” French-Canadian, New England; Reel. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB (Miller & Perron): AABBA'A'BB (Page). "Le Reel des jeunes mariés" was recorded in 1931 (released in Jan., 1932) by harmonica player Louis Blanchette (1905-1969), who produced several marriage-themed reels among his many recordings in the 78 RPM era, among them "Reel des noces de diamant" (Diamond Wedding Reel, 1936), "Reel des noces d'argent" (Silver Wedding Reel, 1935), "Reel des fiançailles" (Betrothal Reel, 1932), and "Reel des noces d'or" (Golden Wedding Reel, 1935). The second part of Blanchette's "Reel des jeunes mariés" is 'crooked' or irregular, and was 'made square' for New England contra dancing in the 1960's, perhaps by musician and dance caller Ralph Page, and this is the version almost universally played today.
In his book "Reels et Jigs de Ches Nous," Adrien Avon claims a copyright to this tune, dated 1945. This may only refer to his arrangement of the tune, with three-part harmony in the second part.

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