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X:1 T:André Alain en do T:Reel en do d'André Alain S:André Alain (1931-2000, St-Basile-de-Portneuf, near Quebec City) M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel D:Pascal Gemme & Mario Loiselle - Musique du monde/Music from the World (2013) Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:A AB|c2(3e/f/e/(c d)fed|(3ccc A(c dc)Bd|c2(3e/f/e/(c d)cBd|cA{B}AG A(c/B/ A)B| c2(3e/f/e/(c d)fed|(3ccc A(c dc)Bd|c2(3e/f/e/(c d)cBd|cA{B}AG AcFG|| |:A2 cA G(B/c/B)G|FEFG AFED|C(A,^G,)A, CEEF|C(ED)C B,EFG| {c}(3AGA EA ce {f}(3ece|dcBA G(EG)B|[M:2/4][E3A3]G| [M:C|](3AGA [ce]A G2 [GB]G|FEFG (3AGF ED|CA, {B,}(3A,B,A, CEEF|C(ED)C B,EFG| (3AGA EA ce {f}(3edc|dcBA G(EG)B|[M:2/4][E2A2] z2||

ANDRE ALAIN EN DO. French-Canadian, Reel (cut time). A Major: C Major (Demers). Standard tuning (fiddle). AB: AA'BB' (Demers). This untitled reel is from the repertoire of influential fiddler (and hunter) André Alain (1931-2000) from St-Basile-de-Portneuf. Guy Bouchard recalled for a 1998 article in Fiddler Magazine:

I cant remember exactly when I first met him but he was part of our lives for years. He had a little apartment in old Québec City not far from André Marchand, and we would spend our days around there playing music in the street or around a beer in his little kitchen. André Marchand, Danielle Martineau (who was directing a folk center at that time) and I realized that it was a must to record him. André Alain was quite a "wild" fiddler and we figured that it would be impossible to record him in a studio. At that time, he had spent a lot of time playing with Pierre Laporte. So we went to Alain's house (he had moved back to his native St-Basile), invited Pierre and brought all the recording equipment. We recorded the whole thing in two days.

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Printed sources : - B:Oliver Demers (1000 airs du Québec et de l’Amérique francophone), 2020; p. 23.

Recorded sources : - Buda Musique Records, Pascal Gemme & Mario Loiselle - "Musique du monde/Music from the World" (2013). "André Alain: Violoneux de St-Basile-de-Portneuf" (1986).

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