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REESTIT MUTTON. Shetland, Reel. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. Composed by fiddler Gideon Stove [2] (1874-1954) of North Roe, Shetlands. Reestit Mutton is a variation of the Scandinavian skerpikjøt, an air dried mutton, or vivda, Norse for 'leg meat'. A traditional Shetland way of preserving mutton with salt for consumption during the winter months, the mutton is first salted in brine and then hung in the rafters (reest) of houses, where the peat smoke with add flavor and help preserve the meat. Reestit Mutton is still popular today and can be seen still hanging in many houses, especially in the rural communities.

The Lerwick String Band c. 1906. Gideon Stove is standing, third from the right [1] [Shetland Museum and Archives]

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Printed sources: Anderson & Georgeson (Da Mirrie Dancers), 1970; p. 29.

Recorded sources: Magnetic Music Ltd. ‎– MMR CD 1038, Catriona McKay & Chris Stout - "The Road to Tradition" (2003).

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Hear a 1972 field recording of the tune at Tobar an Dualchais [3]

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