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X:1 T:Reged T:Ragad M:3/4 L:1/8 R:Air B:Edward Jones – Musical and Poetical Relicks of the Welsh Bards (1784, p. 150) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:C c4G2|A2B2c2|defedc|TB3AG2|c4G2| A2B2ce|d2c2B2|[E6c6]::(e3f)g2|a2g2e2| Tf3 edf|e2 de c2|(e3f)g2|a2g2f2|e2[B2g2][A2^f2]| [G6B6d6g6]|[c3e3]-[df][e2g2]|[f2a2][e2g2]e2|[A3f3] [Ge][Fd][Ec]| [D3B3]-[CA][B,2G2]|[C4c4]G2|A2B2ce|[F2A2d2][E2G2c2][D2F2B2]|[C6E6G6c6]:|

REGED. Welsh, Air (3/4 time). C Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB The tune is said to be similar to "Jockey Went to the Wood."

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Jones (Musical and Poetical Relicks of the Welsh Bards), 1784; p. 150.

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