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X:1 % T:Rene's Special M:4/4 L:1/8 R:Two-Step K:A z2 [Ae][Af] [A2a2] [Aa][Aa]|{aa]fef afec|Ac[Ae][Af] [A2a2] [Aa][Aa]|[Aa]...

RENE'S SPECIAL. Cajun, Two-Step (4/4 time). USA, southwestern Louisiana. A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABABABABAABABAA. A Cajun instrumental probably named for one of Austin Pitre's daughters. Raymond Francois used to use this tune as the theme song for his Saturday radio hour (the "Church Point Hour") over KEUN, Eunice, Louisiana, in the early 1960's.

Additional notes

Source for notated version: - Austin Pitre (La.) [Francois].

Printed sources : - Francois (Yé Yaille Chère), 1990; p. 458.

Recorded sources: - Swallow Records SW-LP6041, Austin Pitre.

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