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X:1 T:Cuz Tehan's Slow Reel T:Road to Glountane M: 4/4 Q: 325 L: 1/8 R:Highland C: Cuz Tehan D: The Windy Gap - Laurence Nugent Z: David Dahl K:G E | D3 E G3 A | ABdB AGed | e2 dB GABe | d2 BG (3ABA GE | DB,DE G3 A | ABdB AGed | e2 dB GABe |1 d2 AB G3 :|2 d2 AB g3 || e | dBde g2 (3gfe | dBAG EGGA | B2 AD BAAD | BAAG EGGe | dBde g2 (3gfe | dBAG EGGA | B2 AD BAAG |1 BdAB g3 :|2 BdAB G4 ||

ROAD TO GLOUNTANE, THE. AKA- “Road to Glauntaune.” AKA – “Cuz Teahan's (2)," "Terry "Cuz" Teahan's Barndance (2).” AKA and see "Joe Bane's," “Kerry Fling.” Irish, Fling (4/4 time) or Highland. A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The Highland called “Road to Glountane” was composed in 1964 by concertina and one-row melodeon player Terry “Cuz” Teahan, originally from County Kerry, who lived in Chicago for many years. "The road to Glountane," writes Tehan, "is the road from Castleisland straight out through Cordal and Glountane and in through Knocknabowl and Ballydesmond." The tune has also been played as a “slow reel” and as a “barn dance.” Glountane was the home of Sliabh Luachra, County Kerry, fiddle master wikipedia:Pádraig O’Keeffe (1887-1963), with whom Teahan studied. The melody appears in Teahan’s self-composed collection The Road to Glountane (1980, p. 71), wherein he said it was his favorite tune in the book. It has proved popular and has been recorded frequently.

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Recorded sources : - RCA 61490, Chieftains – “The Celtic Harp” (appears as “Kerry Fling”). Enda Scahill. Loftus LM002, Patrick Street - "On the Fly" (2007).

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