Annotation:Roane County Rag

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X:2 % T:Roane County Rag C:Jimmy McCarroll M:C| L:1/8 N:An outline of the parts, which are repeated at will, N:and often not regularly. The first strain is often just N:vamped repeatedly. D:Columbia 15398D (1929) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:A FG||A4-A2 cA|BAcA BAFG|A4-A2 cA|EFED CA,FG| A2cA BAcA|BAcA BAFG|A2cA BA-A2|EFED CA,cd|| e3 g fege|fege fec2|e3e fgaf|egfe cAcd| e3 g fege|fege fec2|e3e fgaf|egfe cAFG||

ROANE COUNTY RAG. Old-Time, Breakdown (cut time). USA, East Tennessee. ·The tune is generally thought to be a composition of the East Tennessee string band Roane County Ramblers' fiddler, James 'Jimmy' McCarroll, or a family tune.

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Recorded sources: - Columbia 15398D (78 RPM), Roane County Ramblers (1929). County 403, "Roane County Ramblers" (East Tennessee) {1971, originally recorded 1929}. County Records CO-3530-CD, "Roane County Ramblers: Complete Recordings 1928-1929" (2015).

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