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X:1 % T:Robert Cormack, Aberdeen C:James Henry (1860-1914) S:The Flowers of Scottish Melody (1935) N:"Sweetly"; B part "Faster" Z:Nigel Gatherer M:4/4 L:1/8 K:F C | F>CA,>F D>B,G,>G | E/F/G/A/ B/c/d/e/ {e}f2-fA/c/ | d>B D/F/B/d/ c>A C/F/A/c/ | {c}B>D{A}G>F E/F/{A}G/F/ E/d/c/E/ | [A,F]>CA,>F D>B,G,>G | E/F/G/A/ B/c/d/e/ f2-fA/c/| (3dfe {a}(3g>fd (3cfe {g}(3f>cA|(3GDF (3Edc {A,}[A,2F2] [A,F] |] c | f>c f/a/c/f A/F/A/c/ f>A | B/A/B/c/ d/c/B/A/ G/F/E/D/ C>c | f>c f/a/c/f A/F/A/c/ f>A | B>d/g/f/ e/c/d/e/ {e}f2 fc | f>c f/a/c/f A/F/A/c/ f>A | B/A/B/c/ d/c/B/A/ G/^F/G/A/ B/c/d/e/ | f/e/f/g/ a/b/c'/d'/ c'/a/f/c/ A/F/C/A,/ | A/c/f/a/ g/d'/c'/e'/ f'2f |]

ROBERT CORMACK, ABERDEEN. Scottish, Cape Breton; Slow Air (4/4 time). F Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA’BB’. The tune was composed by James Henry (1860-1914) who lived in Aberdeenshire and lead the Aberdeen Strathspey and Reel Society from its inception in 1903 until his death. See also Henry's slow air "Auld Brig o' Don (The)."

Additional notes

Source for notated version: - Peter Chaisson, Jr. (b. 1942, Bear River, North-East Kings County, Prince Edward Island) [Perlman].

Printed sources : - Henderson (Flowers of Scottish Melody), 1935. Perlman (The Fiddle Music of Prince Edward Island), 1996; p. 209.

Recorded sources: - Rounder LP7005, Carl MacKenzie – “Welcome to Your Feet Again” (1976). Rounder Heritage Series 1166-11592-2, Carl MacKenzie (et al) – “The Art of Traditional Fiddle” (2001). Topic Records, Willie Kennedy - "Cape Breton Violin" ().

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