Rock the Cradle Joe (2)

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X:1 % T:Rock the Cradle, Joe [2] S:Franklin George (W.Va., 1928-2017) M:C| L:1/8 Z:Transcribed by Andy Kuntz K:D a2f2 fede|a2f2 fede|g2-gg gb3|a6 gf| e2 [ce]c Acec|ed3-d2 ef|g2b2 ac3|d4-defg| a2fa fedf|a2fa fe d2|g2-gg gb3|a6 gf| e2 [ce]c Acec|ed2d-d2 ef|ggb2 ac3|d3-d d2d[df]|| e2c2 ABcd|e(Ad)>dd2 ef|g2 [B2g2]gb3|a4gf| e2cA- Acec|ed3 d2 ef|g2b2 ac3|d3d d2e2-| ecAB ABcd| e(Ad2)[d4f4]|[B3g3]f gb3|a6gf| e2ce Acec|ed2e d2g2-|g2b2 ac3|d3d d4||

ROCK THE CRADLE JOE [2]. Old-Time, Breakdown. A version of “Rock the Cradle Joe (1)," from the playing of fiddler Franklin George (1928-2017), born in Bluefield in southern West Virginia, who learned the tune from Jim Farthing who ws originally from Franklin County, Va. Gerry Milnes says this version “maintains much more character and melody” than the “watered-down” version that has long been a staple of “revival” fiddlers’ conventions.

The version set as a polka by Randy Miller & Jack Perron is more similar to Frank George's version of the melody than is "Rock the Cradle Joe (1)" although without George's distinctive cadence.

Additional notes

Source for notated version: -

Printed sources : - Miller & Perron (101 Polkas), 1978; No. 14

Recorded sources: - Shanachie Records 6040, Gerry Milnes & Lorriane Lee Hammond – “Hell Up Coal Holler” (1999).

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