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X:1 % T:Ronde de Loudéac M:4/4 L:1/8 O:Breton N:Reel time, as played by Irish bands N:Played in Breton tradition with accent on third beat, more like a hornpipe. K:Bmin Bcde f2ff|gfef edcF|Bcde f2 ff|gfef edc2| Bcde f2ff|afef edcF|Bcde f2ff|gfef edc2|| f2fe fdB2|(3Bcd cB ABcd|efec d2B2|dcB2 ABcd| efec d2B2|dcB2 ABc2|(3def ec B2BB||

RONDE DE LOUDÉAC. AKA – “Ronds de Loudéac.” Breton, Hornpipe (4/4 time). B Minor. Standard tuning (fiddle). Ronde de Loudéac is the name of a traditional Breton dance, to which several tunes are played. Thus, there are various “Ronde de Loudéac” tunes. The tune was popularized through the playing of fiddler Christian LeMaítre of the Breton band Kornog and Celtic Fiddle Festival, as well as the Irish band Lunasa. Although it can be played as a hornpipe or reel (as often in sessions), the tune is accented on the third beat of the measure, at which time in the dance the dancers stomp their feet in time.

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Recorded sources: - Lunasa – “The Merry Sisters of Fate.” An Naër 404, “Kornog 4” (2001).

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