Ronde des voyageurs

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X: 1 T: Ronde des voyageurs, La S: Fortunat Malouin M: C| L: 1/8 Z: Contributed 20050219210518 by John Chambers K: Am |: "Am"E3E A2c2 | e4- eede | "Dm"f3f f2a2 | "Am"e3a "D7"a4 | "G"G3G B2cd | d4- "/F"dBde |1 "E7"f3d d2B2 | "Am"~c2AB "E7"~A2E2 | |:|2"E7"f2d2 B2e2 | "Am"A6 "E7"AB |[| "A"c3c c2e2 |A4- AAcd | "A"e2a2 g2f2 | "E7"g2eg f2ec | "Bm"d3f d2c2 | "E7"B2GB EGBe| "E7"g3a gfeg | fedf "(A)"ecAB [| "A"c3c c2e2 | A4- AAcd | | "A"e2a2 g2f2| "D"b4 f3g| "D"a2ga "B7"g2fg | "E"f2ef "F#(m)"eAce | "B(m)"[d'2f2]b2 "E7"f2g2| "A"afec A4 |]

RONDE DES VOYAGEURS (Travelers’ round dance). French-Canadian, Reel. A Minor (‘A’ part) & A Major (‘B’ part). Standard tuning (fiddle). AA’BB’. The voyageurs/travelers of the title refers to fur traders in early Canada. The tune was recorded in New York in 1928 by Québec City fiddler and traveling salesman Fortunat Malouin (1870-1935). Malouin was originally from Saint-Sauveur, Québec, but lived most of his life in Québec City.
Fortunat Malouin

Additional notes

Source for notated version: - fiddler Vincent Ouellet of the group Éritage [Hart & Sandell].

Printed sources : - Boucher (Le Répertoire du Violoneux), 1933; No. 35. Hart & Sandell (Dance ce Soir), 2001; No. 60, p. 94. Songer (Portland Collection, vol. 2), 2005; p. 173.

Recorded sources: - Fogarty's Cove Music ‎FCM-006, Éritage – “La ronde des voyageurs” (1982). Great Meadow Music GMM 2003, “Rodney Miller’s Airdance” (2000). Jean-Marie and Martin Verret – “Reflets du passé” (1993).

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