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X:1 T:Rose of Sharon Waltz M:3/4 L:1/8 K:A e2d2|c3dc2|B2c2B2|A6-|A2B2c2|e2d2f2| e(A A2)c2|B6-|B2e2d2|c4 B2|A2B2c2|d4 e2| f3 agf|eA- A2 d3|c3 d cB|1 A6-|A4:|2 A6-|A4 cd ^d|| e2f2 =gf/g/|f3 ce2|d6-|d6|f2g2 ag/a/|g4 f^d| e6-|e2f2g2|(3agf e2c2|AG- G2 =G2|F2G2d2| f3 a gf|eA- A2 dE|c3 d cB|A6-|A6||

ROSE OF SHARON WALTZ. AKA and see "Rosebud of Allenvale (The)." AKA - "Rose of Allendale (The)," "Rose(bud) of Avonmore," "Roses of Ave More." Scottish (originally), American; Waltz (3/4 time). A Major (Devil's Box, Phillips): G Major (Silberberg). Standard tuning (fiddle). AB (Silberberg): AA'B (Devil's Box, Phillips). The melody was originally composed by the great Scots fiddler J. Scott Skinner (1843-1927), who titled it "Rosebud of Allenvale (The)." As “Rose of Sharon,” the waltz played in the key of ‘A’, and is played by bluegrass and old-time fiddlers, and is a favorite contest waltz. It was in the repertoire of Hiram Stamper who helped popularize it, however, the ultimate source for "Rose of Sharon" is a 1975 recording by fiddler Howard "Howdy" Forrester (1922-1987), an influential cross-genre master who was much imitated.

The 'Rose of Sharon' title is a biblical reference--"I am the rose of Sharon, the lily of the valley,--and the name of a flowering plant, the hibiscus.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - J.T. Perkins [Phillips]; Gary Lee Moore (Seattle) [Silberberg]; Gary Johnston (Missouri) [Beisswenger & McCann].

Printed sources : - Beisswenger & McCann (Ozarks Fiddle Music), 2008; p. 80 (as "Roses of Ava More"). Stephen F. Davis (The Devil's Box), vol. 30, No. 2, Summer 1996; pp. 15-16 (arranged by Jim Wood). Phillips (Traditional American Fiddle Tunes, vol. 2), 1995; p. 301. Silberberg (Tunes I Learned at Tractor Tavern), 2002; p. 133.

Recorded sources : - Davis Unlimited Records, J.T. Perkins - "J.T.: Perkins-Style Fiddling" (1978). Goldust LPS-172, Wes Nivens - "Fiddlin Wes' Texas Style" (1977). Stoneway STY-150, Howard "Howdy Forrester - "Leather Britches" (1975). Voyager CD 363, Gary Lee Moore - "Uncle Pig" (2004. Moore credits a Howdy Forrester recording from the 1960's).

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