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X: 1 % T:Ross Memorial Hospital R:Air C:Phil Cunningham L:1/4 Q:"Slow Air " 1/4=80 F: K:D M:C A|f>g e3/2d//c//|dDFA|B3/2 A//G//AD| G3A|f>g e3/2d//c//|dDFA|BGc/de//f//| d3A|f>g e3/2d//c//|dDFA|B3/2A//G//AD|G3 A/G/| FAc/de//f//|dDFA|BGc/de//f//|d3|| e/f/|g>fB>c|d>c AD|B3/2A//G//AD|G3 e/f/| g>fB>c|d>cAD|BGc/de//f//|d3e/f/| g>fB>c|d>c AD|B3/2 A//G//AD|G3 A/G/| FAc/de//f//|dDFA|BG c/d e//f//|d3|]

ROSS MEMORIAL HOSPITAL. Scottish, Slow Air (whole time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. Composed by Scottish accordion player and producer Phil Cunningham (a founding member of the bands Silly Wizard and Relativity). The tune is titled after the hospital in Dingwall where Cunningham recovered after a near-fatal automobile accident.

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Printed sources : - Cunningham (Cunningham Collection, vol. 1: The House in Rose Valley), 1995.

Recorded sources: - Green Linnet SIF 1102/GLCD 1102, Phil Cunningham - "Palamino Waltz" (1989). LOUGH 005, Boys of the Lough – “Fair Hills of Ireland.” Changlings – “Sophiar.” Phil Cunningham – “Palomino Waltz” (1989).

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