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X: 1 T: Rossignol [1], Le T:Nightingale, The R: reel M: 4/4 L: 1/8 D: N: The first two strains are "Le Rossignol", but the 2nd two are "Reel de Carillon." F: F: K: Gmaj |:dc|Bdgd bdgd|egde cAGE|D2F/E/D ADFD|FGAB ce e/d/c| Bdgd bdgd|egde cAGE|D2F/E/D ADFD|GBAF G2:| |:zG|FGAB cBcA|GABd ed^cB|^ceag fedc|edd^c d2ef| g/a/g f/g/f e/f/e d/e/d|c/d/c B/c/B A/B/A G/A/G|F/G/F E/F/E D/E/D C/D/C|B,/C/B, A,/B,/A, G,2AG| FGAB cBcA|GABd ed^cB|^ceag fedc|edd^c d2zf| gafg efde|cdBc ABGA|FGEF DECD|B,CA,B, G,2:| |:ze|dBGB dgbd'|d'c'bc' a3b|c'bc'a fdfa|gbag fedB| dBGB dgbd'|d'c'bc' a3b|c'bc'a fdfa|gbaf g2:|

ROSSIGNOL [1], LE (The Nightingale). French-Canadian, Reel. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. Recorded in 1931 by fiddler Joseph Larocque (Starr 15777A) in a medley with "Reel de Carillon." Montreal fiddler Joseph Allard (1873-1947), Larocque's contemporary, recorded a version of "Le Rossignol" as "Reel Maisonneue" in 1932 (released by the record company in Jan., 1933). He also recorded Larocque's "Reel de Carillon" under the title "Reel de Lacolle." Allard's student, Jean Carignan, learned his version from Allard and not from Larocque, according to Camille Bégin's 1978 thesis.

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Recorded sources: -Starr 15777a (78 RPM), Joseph Larocque (1931).

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