Annotation:Round the Old Church Ground

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X:1 T:Round the Old Church Ground M:4/4 L:1/8 Q:"Moderate" R:Hymn Air S:Edden Hammons (W.Va.) Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:F C FG||A3A BAGF|G2D2- D4|E3F Gc A/G/F|A2-A2-{B}AC FG| A3A BAGF|G2D2- D4|E3F GcAG|(F4 {G}F)C FG| A3A/B/ cAGF|G2D2- D4|E3F Gc A/G/F|([A2A2]A>)F A/G/F C/B,/C/B,/ A,C| {G}+slide+[A3A3] A BAGF|G2 (D2 D4)|E3F GcAG|(F4 {G}F)C EF|| K:C G2-GG BGBd|c2c>d cc EF|G2-GG AcBG|c2 c>d c3C/F/4G/4| {G}+slide+[A3A3]A _BAGF|G2 (D2 D4)|E3F GcAG|(F4 {G}F)C FG||

ROUND THE OLD CHURCH GROUND. Old-Time, Hymn Air. F Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. A hymn air in the repertoire of West Virginia fiddler biography:Edden Hammons. The first strain of the tune will be familiar with some as the tune to an old Oscar Meyer Weiner (hot dog) commercial.

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Recorded sources: - Sound Archives SA 2, Edden Hammons Collection II, Disc 1 (originally recorded 1947).

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