Annotation:Rowing from Isla to Uist

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X:1 % T:Rowing from Isla to Uist T:Iomramh eadar Il' a's Uist M:6/8 L:1/8 R:Air S:Fraser Collection (1816) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:Amin E |: A2A c2d | B2A B2d | A2A e2e | fed e2B | c2c d2c | B2A B2d |1 c2A ^G^FE:|2 A2B c2 || G | E2E E2D | E2E c2d | B2A G2E | D2C D2F | E2E E2D | E2E c2d | B2A ^G2B | (A3 A2) ||

ROWING FROM ISLA TO UIST (Iomramh eadar Il'a a's Uist). Scottish, Air (6/8 time). A Minor. Standard tuning (fiddle). One part (Johnson): AA'B (Fraser). "The editor conceives the boat songs among the most interesting and expressive of the airs peculiar to the Highlands; they are composed in a regular measure, to keep time with the rowers" (Fraser).

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Printed sources : - Fraser (The Airs and Melodies Peculiar to the Highlands of Scotland and the Isles), 1816; No. 45, p. 16. Johnson (The Kitchen Musician's No. 10: Airs & Melodies of Scotland's Past), 1992 (revised 2001); p. 14. Patrick McDonald (A Collection of Highland Vocal Airs), 1784; No. 18, p. 3.

Recorded sources: - Blix Street Records G2-10031, Connemara - "Siren Song" (1995). Culburnie Records, Alasdair Fraser - "Tullochgorum" (2005). Iona IR001, Ossian - "St. Kilda Wedding" (1978). Redwing Music RWMCD 5410, Abby Newton – “Castles, Kirks and Caves” (2001). Alison Melville - "She's Sweetest when She's Naked" (2005).

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