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X:1 % T:Royal Charlie. CJF.174 M:6/8 L:1/8 Q:100 S: C.J.Fox MS, 1829/33, Beverley,E.Yorks. R:Air O:England A:East Yorkshire B:Kidson Coll.Mitchell Lib.M1805 N:The note marked "*" is c3 in the MS. - PJH. Z:P J Headford 2000 K:C E|c2Bc2d|e2fe2d|c2Bc2d|e3E3|c2de2a| g2e{c/}d2e|{B/}c2A AGE|A3-A2B| c2cc2d|e2ee2d|c2cc2d|{c/d/}e3E2B| c2de2a|g2ed2e|c2A AGE|A3-A2|| B|c2A AGE|c2A AGE|c2A AGE|G3-G2B| "*"c2de2a|g2ed2e|c2A AGE|A3-A2B| c2A AGE|c2A AGE|edc dcB|cBA GFE| c2de2a|g2ed2e|c2A AGE|A3-A2||

ROYAL CHARLIE. AKA – “Royal Charley.” AKA and see "Behind the Bush in the Garden (1)," "Fy Buckle Your Belt," "I Sat in the Valley Green," "More Power to Ye," “Mulqueeney's Jig,” "Over the River to Charlie (2)," “Tiarna Waraga,” "Times are Mighty Hard," "We prefer our own King," "Se'n Righ atha aguin is fear linn, "Wha'll be King but Charlie" Scottish, Irish; Air and Jig (6/8 time). See notes for “Behind the Bush in the Garden (1)” and "Wha'll be King but Charlie" for more about this tune family.

Additional notes

Source for notated version: -

Printed sources : - Kennedy (Traditional Dance Music of Britain and Ireland: Jigs & Quicksteps, Trips & Humours), 1997; No. 165, p. 39. Smith (Scottish Minstrel, vol. 6), 1820-24; p. 86.

Recorded sources: - Victor Records, Packie Dolan (1928. Recorded in New York).

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